Department of Computer Application

Department of Computer Application

The department was founded in 1997 with the mission to provide programs of study that are technically sound and are able to create professionals capable of adapting to changing needs of their future work environment. The vision of the department is to provide the students with the broad theoretical framework needed to understand the ongoing changes in the field of computing technology and to lay a foundation of the timeless science of computing. The department runs graduate, and post-graduate diploma and add-on courses. The department has a team of highly competitive staff who are determined and dedicated to the department. The department has 4 laboratories for enforcing practical-based education. There are smart classrooms with projectors installed. The students at the Department have the unique opportunity of working in various development environments like MS-DOS, LINUX, MS Windows, Unix and Database. The students also have the opportunity to work on Internet development tools among other Visual and Non-Visual ones.

Sr.No Name Qualification
1 Ms.Nisha Arora Asst.Prof. M.SC(CS),M.phil,UGC NET
2 Ms.Pooja Asst.Prof. MCA/M.TECH(IT)/NET+JRE
3 Sh. Sunil Kumar Asst.Prof. M.Sc.(CS)
4 Ms.Neena Asst.Prof.
  • 1. The Department of Computer offers job-oriented courses like BCA, PGDCA
  • 2. Apart from Curriculum, students are taught various latest software’s, website development tools, and hardware assembly tools.
  • 3.To help students to attain proficiency in problem solving techniques.
  • 4.To provide breadth and depth of knowledge in computer science.
  • 5.To provide practical exposure in various subjects.
  • 6.To incorporate the reading habit in students. They are encouraged to read the IT magazines like Open source, Digit, PC World etc.
  • 7.To make them more technology friendly and teaching them the correct use of technology for productivity improvement.
  • 8.To encourage the use of ICT and encourage paperless transactions.
Contributions of Department in 2017-18
  • 1) Summer Workshop on “Website Development Tools” was organized in june to give practical knowledge to the students on CSS, HTML, Bootstrap etc.
  • 2) A Website Designing and poster making competition was organized in Aug, 2017
  • 3) Seminar on “How Technology change our lives” during NSS camp
  • 4) A new college website was developed and is updated regularly.
  • 5) A 10 day winter workshop was organized in which students of various streams participated and learnt basic website development tools.
  • 6) Hardware assembly workshop was held for the students of BCA,PGDCA in Feb, 2018
  • 7) A 10 day workshop was held in Feb, 2018 to teach basics of computer to the support staff of college.
  • 8) School visits are performed by our faculty members to make the students aware of benefits and job prospects of doing BCA.
  • 9) Farewell trip was organized to Anandpur Sahib, Naina Devi and Veerast-e- Khalsa
Future Plan
  • 1.The department would like to organize various workshops, seminars, guest lectures, PPTs to enhance the confidence , practical knowledge and hence the employability of students.
  • 2.To start Post graduation like Msc(IT)
Annual Plan 2018-19(ODD SEMESTER
    Sr.No Month Activities Tentative Dates
    1 June-July Workshop on Website Designing 15 june 2018-30 june 2018
    2 July Introductory Session(For new Admissions in BCA-I,PGDCA) 16 July,2018
    3 August Competition Power Point Presentations(for BCA-II,BCA-III), Poster making competition for BCA-I 11/18Auguest 2018
    4 June-July Workshop on Website Designing 15 june 2018-30 june 2018
    5 June-July Workshop on Website Designing 15 june 2018-30 june 2018
    1 June-July Workshop on Website Designing 15 june 2018-30 june 2018
  • 1.3 Computer Labs and 1 NRC with more than 70 computers.
  • 2.Educational tours and Experienced Faculty.
  • 3. Interactive classroom teaching through case studies.
  • 4. Audio Visual Equipments such as Multimedia projector.
  • 5.Liberal concessions and scholarships for brilliant and needy students..
Hardware and Software
  • 1. More than 50 LCD and 20 plus CRT
  • 2.One Multimedia and 3 other projector.
  • 3.Installed Windows 7 and 8 and Linux .
  • 4. MS Office 2013 and Open source Office package.
  • 5.GCC,Java,Visual Studio,Oracle are also available for student.

Workshop on Computer Hardware on 4th August 2018

A Workshop on PC assembling and Window installation on 4-August-2018,is organised by department of Computer Application in Which student of BCA-I,II,III were given the Knowledge on various Hardware component of CPU.they also learnt installation of window on PC

Workshop on career counselling on 28-july-2018

Department of computer application organised a workshop in which student were guided about various career opportunities after BCA.The student of BCA-I,II and III attended the workshop and got to known about the scope of BCA . Mr.Sunil Kumar of computer department organiser workshop.

PC assembling Workshop

One day workshop on Computer assembling on 3rd Feb 2018

Workshop on HTML5,CSS3 and Bootstrap

Workshop on HTML5,CSS3 and Bootstrap from 26th December 2017 to 6th Jan 2018

One Month Summer Traning by Department of Computer Application

One month Summer training on Web site design organized by department of Computer Application of SD College Hoshiarpur

Poster Making And Website Desing Competition

Poster Making and Website Desing Competition Organized by Computer Societ of SD College Hoshiarpur

Poster Making Competition Session 2016-17

Poster Making Competition Organized by Computer Society during the session 2016-17

Orientation Program 206-17

Orientation Program during the session 2016-17

Computer Workshop 2016-17

Workshop on Web designing Organized by Computer Society during the session 2015-16

Quiz Competition Session 2015-16

Quiz Competition Organized by Computer Society during the session 2015-16

Computer Workshop 2015-16

Workshop on Career in Computer Science Organized by Computer Society during the session 2015-16

College Tour Session 2015-16

Education and Recreation Tour during the session of 2015-16