Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission of SD College Hoshiarpur

Being quality conscious in all the programmes for imparting new educational and cultural experience. Becoming more aware of the institutional as well as individual needs and thus working with initiative. Moving beyond the targeted standard limits through strategic planning and persistent efforts.
  • To provide quality education and to make our students self dependant, competent for facing competition and be confident.
  • To provide the society good citizens, better professionals and persons having humanistic values and sensitization about societal issues that have plagued the humanity since long.
To impart quality education in Humanities , Science , Commerce , Management through effective teaching and learning methods.
To foster personal and professional success by encouraging creativity , rational thinking and effective communication.
To mould students into responsible citizens by sensitizing them about social concerns and environmental issues.
To promote the values based on Sanatan Dharma like service , duty , tolerance , diligence and compassion in all facets of life .