Department of Commerce

Department of Commerce

Commerce it is about figuring out how business works, how to manage a company, its personnel, keeping a track of the stock market, keeping tabs on tax schemes, etc. The courses at the graduate level are: Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). However, the Bachelor of Commerce programme itself gives students a general idea of buying and selling of goods, provision of services, productions, and property, etc. The degree can help establish a career in finance, taxation, operations, etc, depending on the course specification opted for. B.Com. can be a stepping stone for further degrees like Chartered Accountant (CA), Company Secretaryship (CS), and Cost and Work Accountancy (ICWA).

The three year UG degree program and the two year PG degree program lay stress on vital subjects like accounting, taxation, computer application, banking, managerial economics, business law, e - commerce, e - banking, statistics and tally.

Aside from the general three year B.Com degree, the department also offers the degree in specialized areas such as Corporate Secretaryship, Bank Management, Marketing Management and Accounting and Finance.

The syllabus is constantly updated to reflect new trends in the subject and to take advantage of the latest infrastructure. Students also avail of a new state of the art computer lab.

Sr.No Name Qualification
1 Ms. Manjeet Kaur Asst.Prof. M.Com,M.Phil(SLET,NET)
2 Ms. Dimple Asst.Prof. M.Com(NET)
3 Ms. Jyoti Bala Asst.Prof. B.Com,MBA(NET)
4 Ms.Isha Asst.Prof. M.Com,M.Phil,UGC-NET
5 Ms.Manisha Thakur Asst.Prof. M.Com,UGC-NET
6 Ms.Harjot Kaur Asst.Prof. M.Com,UGC-NET
7 Ms. Baljinder Kaur Asst.Prof. M.Com(NET)
8 Ms.Shubam Gupta Asst.Prof. M.Com
9 Sh.Amandeep singh Asst.Prof. M.Com
10 Ms.Sakshi Sardana Asst.Prof. M.Com
11 Ms.Rashminder Sahi Asst.Prof. M.Com