Ramayudh Memorial Health Clinic


Ramayudh, the only son of late Pandit Amrit Anand Ji, founder secretary of the college and then president Mata Sneh Amrit Anand Ji, and brother of present president, Mrs. Hema Sharma Ji, passed away at a very young age. However, for those who have a profound devotion to the Almighty, the whole world is their family. The college clinic was established in his memory in 2005, and on February 26, the Health Minister, Mr. Ramesh Dogra, inaugurated it. This clinic not only provides medical assistance to staff and students but also provides free services to the poor, needy and elderly Dr. Naresh Sood, MBBS, consistently provides check-up services for patients, with free consultations available every Monday from 1 pm to 2 pm. The clinic maintains comprehensive records of patients' personal information and prescribed medications. Blood grouping camps and free medical camps are also organized in the college. To date, the clinic has treated thousands of patients and distributed medication worth lakhs to those in need.


To provide timely, accessible, and quality medical care to all students, faculty, and staff of the college, promoting their well-being and facilitating their academic and professional pursuits.


  1. Medical Servicies
    • Offer Access to people competent as per college management guidelines to provide primary healthcare services, including:
    • Consultations for general illnesses, injuries, and minor emergencies.
    • Preventive care, such as immunizations and health screenings.
    • Referral to specialists when necessary.
    • Maintain adequate stock of essential medications and medical supplies.
    • Ensure confidentiality and privacy of patient information.
    • Comply with all relevant medical regulations and ethical guidelines.
  2. Dispensary Management:
    • Establish operational hours for the dispensary that cater to the needs of the college community.
    • Implement an efficient system for managing patient appointments, records, and medication dispensing.
    • Maintain a clean and safe environment within the dispensary.
  3. Accessibility and Outreach
  4. Ensure accessibility of services for students with disabilities and diverse needs.
  5. Continual Improvement
    • Regularly assess the effectiveness of the medical aid and dispensary services.
    • Gather feedback from users and stakeholders to identify areas for improvement.
    • Allocate resources effectively to enhance services and equipment.
Additional Considerations: Integrate the medical aid and dispensary services within the overall well-being initiatives of the college. Doctor Timings: Dr. Naresh Sood (MBBS, DOMS) every Monday 1300hrs to 1400hrs. Medical Aid Committee Member: Mr. Paramveer Singh, Asstt. Professor in Management


  • Timing: Every Monday -1:00 To 2:00 PM